Learn to Kitesurf at our BKSA Accredited School

Offering lessons to total beginners, refresher sessions or advanced coaching

We take pride in delivering the best lessons, tailored to your needs


Lesson Options

Zero to Superhero £850

( 17 - 23 hours )

Fully committed to your new life as a kitesurfer? Then book onto our superhero course to learn everything you need to know to become independent.

1 x Intro Lesson

5 x Kitesurf Lessons

1 x Supervised Sessions

Price per person. | 1:1 Kitesurf lessons are 2 hours | 2:1 Kitesurf lessons are 3 hours

Save £115

Already done the taster day? Then upgrade for £690

INTRO DAY (£160)

( 5 hours )

Make the most of your day.

- Trainer kite session

- Bringing on the power harnessed into a kite

- Introduction to LEI inflatable kite

Price per person | Groups of up to four people

Land Based Lesson £50

( 2 hours )

Don't want to commit to the full intro day? Come have a fly of some trainer kites on the beach and get hooked!

Price per person | Groups of up to four people

Kitesurf Lesson £140

( 2 - 3 hours )


Ready to start your journey? But not sure you want to commit to the package or a block booking. Book onto a single lesson.

Single sessions will be tailored to your requirements on the day.

Price per person | 1:1 lessons are 2 hours | 2:1 lessons are 3 hours


( 3 hours )

Want a little more support after your lessons? Or havent been out for a while and want to make sure you are safe?

Our instructors help you set up, recap safety and self-rescue techniques, safely launch you, keep an eye on you, land you, and introduce you to other kiters at your level who will become your future kite buddies.

Requirements: BKSA or IKO independent kiter / BKSA or 3rd party insurance / Personal kite equipment required


JOIN the crew

You will be part of one of the best kitesurf and watersports communities there is!

What are the stages of learning?

Your first step will be all about kitesurfing basics and theory and learning how to fly both the trainer and the 4-line kite. This land-based session aims to set up, start and land the kite safely, have complete control of the kite during flight, and learn about safety systems and rescue techniques.

  • Short instruction on beach safety (Surface, Hazards, Other Users & Environment
  • Set up and control a power kite on land
  • Introduction to 4-line LEI kite (Inflatable)Introduction to safety systems.
  • Flying techniques for 4-line LEI kite
  • Introduction to rescue techniques

On the second step we will be getting our wetsuits on and getting into the sea to refine our kite skills and start using the kite to pull us through the water

  • Bringing on the power with an inflatable (LEI) kite
  • Launching and landing in the water
  • Safety and rescue techniques in water 
  • First body drags

Step 3 is all about getting used to the flying the kite while having to handle the board in the water.

  • Recap on safety
  • Body drags with the board
  • Board retrieval
  • Introducing the board
  • First water starts

During the third step you touched on your first waterstart and maybe you’ve even ridden a short distance. During this session you’ll learn how to keep power in the kite, how to edge and work on getting the right body posture. At the end of the session you should be able to ride short distances.

  • Keeping power in the kite while kitesurfing
  • Optimal body position
  • Water starts both directions
  • Learning how to edge
  • Riding short distance

During step four you’ve learned how to keep power in the kite, keep a good body posture and know the basics for riding. During this step you’ll learn about riding upwind. It will take a bit of time to fully master riding unwind, but the aim of this lesson is to get you going in the right direction.

  • Perfecting the water start
  • Upwind riding theory
  • Practise upwind riding
  • Working on your posture
  • Control your riding speed by edging

Step six can be used to fine tune your kitesurfing skills. 

  • Upwind riding
  • Perfecting body posture
  • Turning direction (transitions)


Kilometers of waist deep water! Safety boat cover, and a drive out to low water on our quad bike.


All equipment is included, but you can bring the below:

  • A surfing wetsuit, if you prefer to use your own
  • A towel for a shower
  • Sun glasses for the first lessons as there’s lots of looking up at the sky
  • Any emergency medication you would like us to take out with us (Such glucose for diabetics / Inhailers / Epipens)

Most people will learn on average in around 12 – 20 hours. This can increase or decrease depending how spaced out you have your lessons or if you decide to take private lessons

Having wakeboarding and other windsports experince can speed up learning time

80% of the skills required to kite surf is in flying the kite. Keeping you and others around you safe is very important.

Kitesurfing is hard and dangerous if you dont have lessons. The learning curve is exponential. The more lessons you get in, the easier it will be. After 3 kitesurfing lessons you will master the basics.

You don't need to be strong or even that fit. All the force comes though your wasit harness. You can control the kite with the tips of your fingers.

Yes, You can book for two people in the same 2:1 class when booking.

If you would like to book in numbers greater than 2 just drop us an email

The lessons are on if the wind is between 8 and 25 knots. 

If the weather is not good for lessons, you can choose another date for your kitesurfing lesson.

You can book as it suits you. We are open 7 days a week when there is wind.

We recommend to finish all your classes within 2 months.

Some people on a short schedule or traveling far can book two lessons a day with a lesson gap in between to rest

We are located within Wallasey Beach Club

  • Toilets
  • Changing areas
  • Hot showers
  • Hot drinks
  • Retail store
  • Club house

The booking policy is flexible to accommodate the effects of weather. We cannot however take any responsibility for lack of wind/adverse conditions.

Any lessons cancelled by Northern Kites due to no wind can be rescheduled.

If a customer cancels less than 48 hours prior to the lesson starting, or does not show, then no refund or alternative date is offered.  

No refunds are given, Customers have 1 year to take their lesson

You can book onto our supervised sessions if you would like a little more support.

We will also add you into our whatsapp groups so you can see when everyone is going out for a session. We are one of the friendiest communities :)

Join upto Wallasey Beach Club to carry on having access to the facilities and join in with all of our events!

Our instructors will teach you all about the gear during your lessons.

We also have a great range of new and used equipment to buy from our shop.

If we can't offer anything within your budget we are happy to help guide you through what is availabe on FB or Ebay.

Equipmet varys depending on windspeed, skill, body weight and riding style.


Wing Foiling is the fastest growing watersport in the past years. It’s simple gear without lines or harnesses, and no rigging makes it super appealing.

Whether you’re a watersports newbie, expert in foiling or transitioning from Paddleboarding to windsports you’ll enjoy the learning experience.