Ensis Top Spin Review - With Boom

Ensis Top Spin Review - With Boom

If you've been keeping an eye on the wingfoil scene, you've probably heard about the buzz surrounding Ensis and their new addition to the family - the Top Spin! Ensis has been making waves in the wingfoil market, and with the incredible performances by Balz Müller on the GWA tour, it was only natural for them to expand their product range with a wing that's all about high-performance. So, let's dive into the world of the Ensis Top Spin!

From the get-go, the Top Spin is designed to impress. It's got that "wow" factor with its compact span, mid-aspect design, and some pretty edgy squared wingtips. The leading edge is no slouch either, boasting a generous diameter that extends all the way to the wingtips, resulting in an airframe that's stiffer than your grandma's biscotti.

And let's not forget the view - long horizontal windows near the strut give you a panoramic angle of vision without making you twist and turn the wing like you're in a contortionist show. Plus, the inflation is handled by the max flow valve, and you've got twin pipes that make deflation and packing a breeze. No more fumbling around with separate dump valves!


Once you get this wing in your hands, you'll feel the immediate connection. The Top Spin is aptly named because it's a breeze to rotate and control, even with a 5.1m in hand, thanks to the long boom.

The elegant S-shaped curvature of the strut is a game-changer, connecting directly to the canopy for that well-controlled profile shape. This shallow profile and fairly flat dihedral mean you get a max sail exposure to the wind, translating into a power boost with minimal sheeting movement. Want to catch some air and show off your skills with jumps? The Top Spin's got your back, delivering a punchy lift and glide like a pro.

Ensis didn't cut corners on the Top Spin. It's a solid, no-compromise build that's ready to tackle the waves. Scuff guards, check. Reinforcements, check. Even the wrist leash has a nifty Velcro tab to keep it securely in place. The canopy layout is designed for precision and load distribution, with four battens ensuring a stiff trailing edge to eliminate any flapping. This is the kind of wing you want for those adrenaline-pumping stunts and powered rides.

In a nutshell, the Ensis Top Spin is like the rockstar of the wingfoil world. It's different from the Score in terms of power delivery and shape, and it's built to cater to freestyle fanatics while holding its own in wave situations. If you crave a direct and powerful wing or have ambitions of nailing technical rotations and jumps, the Top Spin is your golden ticket. It's time to elevate your wingfoiling game to the next level, and the Ensis Top Spin is your partner in crime. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to spin into action and ride the wind like never before! 🚀🤙


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