Core XR Pro - Review

Core XR Pro - Review

If you're in search of the pinnacle of modern kite technology, look no further than the XR Pro Kite. This cutting-edge big air kite has undergone a complete redesign and now boasts the finest airframe material available in the market. Designed with competitive ambitions in mind, the XR Pro is all about taking your kite-flying endeavors to unprecedented heights, speeds, and distances.

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Drawing inspiration from its XR lineage and incorporating the groundbreaking Aluula material, the XR Pro showcases a distinct design that elevates its overall performance. Brace yourself for an exciting ride filled with faster loops, more responsive catches, and unparalleled high wind performance that will redefine your kite maneuvers.

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For those who crave maximum performance and adrenaline, the XR Pro takes the concept of radicalness to the next level. By recalibrating the balance between sportiness and comfort, this kite caters to the ambitions of big boosters and fearless kite loopers who are in pursuit of the ultimate thrill.

The XR Pro introduces Aluula as its airframe material, representing the stiffest and most advanced material in its class. This innovation allows for an even thinner leading edge and strut diameters compared to its predecessor, the XR8. This translates to a remarkable reduction in air resistance and a swift kite speed that's nothing short of breathtaking. Thanks to a stable 5-strut frame, deformation is minimized, leading to exceptional responsiveness to even the slightest steering input. This results in direct and precise control over the kite's movements. Furthermore, the XR Pro is thoughtfully engineered to be 10% lighter than the XR8, a feat achieved while maintaining CORE's unwavering commitment to durability through Aluula.

Enhancing its prowess, the exclusive CORETEX 2® Triple Ripstop Canopy is a low-stretch, highly robust fabric that ensures optimal support for power delivery, flight stability, and control. The canopy's fortified with a special coating, enhancing its tear resistance and providing superior UV protection for enduring performance.

In terms of design, the XR Pro adopts a rear profile that combines a classic bow shape with a concave trailing edge and arrowed tips reminiscent of delta shapes. This dynamic design ensures superior flight speeds and exceptional high-end performance, promising an exhilarating experience.

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The XR Pro Kite instills users with newfound confidence through the CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM (CIT), offering three distinct settings for a customizable flying experience that caters to your preferences and external conditions.

Effortless relaunching is a hallmark of the XR Pro, thanks to its swept leading edge, rigid airframe, and lightweight construction. Specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with CORE's Sensor 3S Bar, this combination offers a unique bar feel enhanced with innovative features that boost performance, functionality, and safety.

The Speed Valve 2, integrated into the Leading Edge, ensures efficient and rapid inflation with optimal air flow. Designed to withstand the test of time, this valve's durability is guaranteed.

A novel kite profile and bridle line construction create a unique power delivery system that offers precise control over power distribution. Pulling the bar spreads the kite's tips, while pushing collapses them, resulting in a power modulation that can be controlled with a change in projected area exceeding 10%.

CORE's commitment to durability shines through the integration of abrasion-resistant Grintex patches on segment seams of the Aluula front tube and struts, guaranteeing protection against wear and tear on various surfaces.

Inflation and bleeding are streamlined with a single valve permanently incorporated into the front tube. The hoses connecting to the struts are expertly positioned, ensuring both comfort and efficiency during the inflation process.

The XR Pro joins CORE's Sensor Pro Bar, exemplifying a new standard for high-performance kites and wings, underlining CORE's dedication to capabilities, features, and quality.

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Since 2013, CORE has epitomized premium materials, superior quality, and exceptional performance with their "Pro" range. The XR Pro stands as a testament to this legacy, delivering unparalleled performance and design.

The XR Pro is fully compatible with CORE's Sensor 3 and Sensor 2 bar systems, including the Sensor 2, Sensor 2+, Sensor Pro, Sensor 2S, Sensor 2S Pro, Sensor 3, and Sensor 3 Pro.

Recognized for their durability, CORE kites extend their reputation with the XR Pro. A six-year parts availability guarantee and the commitment to stock XR Pro replacement parts for a minimum of six years underscore CORE's dedication to lasting performance.

In addition to the kite itself, the XR Pro package includes a comfortable backpack, an informative manual, and a comprehensive repair kit.

In summary, the XR Pro Kite is an innovative marvel that redefines big air kite-flying through its incorporation of Aluula airframe material. Its exceptional performance, distinctive design, and compatibility with CORE's Sensor bar systems assure unmatched power delivery, control, and confidence. Backed by CORE's durability commitment, the XR Pro promises to deliver endless thrills for years to come. Elevate your kite-flying experience with the XR Pro Kite today.

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