Essential Kitesurfing Safety Gear: Top 5 Recommendations

Essential Kitesurfing Safety Gear: Top 5 Recommendations

Our Top 5 Safety Gear Recommendations

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport. As thrilling as it is to harness the wind, doing so with inadequate preparation can expose enthusiasts to serious dangers, from equipment malfunctions to challenging weather conditions. Thus, prioritising safety is not just practical—it's essential.

This article delves into the vital equipment every kitesurfer should incorporate into their gear to ensure not just an exciting, but a safe experience on the water. We'll explore the lifesaving benefits of safety knives, the protective reassurance provided by a good helmet, the impact absorption qualities of a well-designed vest, and the undeniable utility of a waterproof mobile phone case. Whether you're carving waves at your local beach or venturing into more secluded waters, these safety tools are your best allies against the unpredictable nature of the sea.

Safety Knives

These are critical for quickly cutting lines or webbing in emergency situations where entanglement poses a risk. They are usually small, easy to carry, and designed to be accessible with one hand. Safety knives can be crucial for escaping from kite lines or other entrapments that can occur if equipment fails or in strong winds.

1. [We Choose] Peak PS Safety Kite Knife

The Peak River Knife is bright, easy to use, has a titanium coated locking stainless steel blade and a plastic handle. It comes with a handy bottle opener on the end and a cord for attachment if required.

2. [We Choose] Dakine Hook Knife W/Pocket Kitesurf Tool

The Dakine Hook Knife W/Pocket Kitesurf Tool is a simple and effective kitesurfing safety knife with pouch.

A Helmet

A well-fitted helmet can protect against head injuries from collisions with equipment, debris, or other surfers. It should be specifically designed for water sports, offering both impact protection and water resistance. Helmets like the Mystic Mk8 series are popular for their lightweight, high impact resistance, and water-specific design.

3. [We Choose] Forward Wip Wiflex Pro Epp Helmet

The Forward Wip Wiflex Pro Epp Helmet is the lightest helmet on the market at 170g. It is super comfortable, has a magnetic chin buckle and comes with 2 removable ear protectors.

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An Impact Vest

This piece of gear provides additional buoyancy and protects the torso from impacts. While not a substitute for a life jacket, an impact vest can help reduce the severity of injuries during falls and crashes. It's important that the vest fits well to ensure it doesn't interfere with the harness and mobility.

4. [We Choose] Forward Wip Impact Vest 50 N

The Forward Wip Impact Vest 50 N features high density thermoformed foam is used to improve comfort when falling. The protect side pads are used to cover the ribs. This vest has a low profile and wide openings designed to ensure excellent freedom of movement. There are five pockets with different sizes that are easy to access, including one large zipper pocket, one black panel pocket, two shoulder pockets, one knife pocket, and one line cutter area.

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A Waterproof Mobile Phone Case

Keeping a mobile phone within reach can be a lifesaver in emergencies, especially when kitesurfing far from shore. A waterproof case not only protects the phone from water but also makes it possible to call for help if needed. This is particularly useful in remote areas or when kitesurfing alone.

5. [We Choose] Surflogic Waterproof Phone Case


Surflogic Waterproof Phone Case is the perfect companion in safety. An ideal accessory for kitesurfing and any other water adventures. A clear touch screen window make for easy use of your device. It allows you to take photos, make phone calls and do all your usual things.


These items collectively enhance safety by addressing the most common hazards associated with kitesurfing. Each one plays a specific role in a comprehensive safety strategy, making them must-haves for both beginners and experienced kitesurfers alike.