All kitesurf Instructor Training Courses (ITC’s) are run in conjunction with the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) and are open to all kitesurfers of a suitable standard of riding proficiency / experience.

The aims have been to produce one recognised instructor training route for kitesurfing in the UK, to standardize the level of this training, to link BKSA training to a world based standard and replace all current licenses with one recognised license only.

The BKSA ITC has been modified to include extra areas of training for the UK. The syllabus forms the core of the course package with further areas that include foil training as well as single skin kites, further safety inputs and the legal and administrative requirements an instructor must be aware of when setting up their own school within the UK. The instructor training has been formulated to be either delivered on a modular bases, which means you may build up to your full qualification over a period of time and take into account prior experience and qualifications or by an intensive 5 day course which incorporates everything.


Candidates must show an ability to be a good independent kitesurfer and can execute the following skills:

  • Good general judgement and ‘site assessment’ skills
  • Competent in a range of sea states up to 25 knots including deep water
  • Be able to ride upwind
  • Ride toe-side in one direction
  • Good basic jumping technique
  • Execute a basic rotation in both directions

Further to this all candidates must possess:

  • A valid RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate or above
  • A valid First Aid qualification
  • Valid BKSA membership


This BKSA ITC runs from a Monday until Friday (5 days).

Once you have completed your level one Instructor course you will be issued with a course completion certificate on the reverse of which will be an individual action plan usually containing some shadow teaching hours to complete before becoming a fully recognized instructor.

After 150 hours of teaching in a BKSA recognized school in no less than a 6-month period you can apply for you senior instructor course

If you have any enquiries about this course please email : info@northernkites.co.uk