High-Performance Wingfoil Board for Intermediate to Advanced Riders

The Ozone Rise V1 is a meticulously crafted wingfoil board designed to elevate the riding experience of intermediate to advanced riders. Its innovative features and cutting-edge construction deliver exceptional performance, enabling riders to push the boundaries of the sport.

Key Features:

    • Lightweight Full Carbon Construction: The Rise V1 boasts a lightweight full carbon construction with 50K foam, internal reinforcements, and extra carbon layer reinforcements wrapped around the nose, rails, and tail. This construction ensures exceptional durability and responsiveness while minimizing weight.

    • Refined Volume Distribution: The board's volume distribution has been carefully refined across the width, length, and thickness to achieve a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. This optimized volume distribution provides a stable platform for takeoffs, landings, and riding in various conditions.

    • Progressive Rockerline and Bevelled Rails: The Rise V1 features a progressive rockerline with medium nose rocker and progressively bevelled rails with increased angle at the nose and front of the board. This design combination enhances water release and control, allowing riders to navigate chop and make smooth touchdowns at speed.

    • Custom Molded Extended Mast Tracks: Ultra-strong, custom-molded extended mast tracks provide a versatile range of mast positions, enabling riders to fine-tune their stance and adapt to different riding styles.

    • High-Quality EVA Grip: The board is equipped with high-quality EVA grip with a center line arch bump and tail kick. This grip provides exceptional traction and foot control, even in wet conditions.

    • Strong Insert Blocks for Footstraps: Strong insert blocks for footstraps allow riders to customize their footstrap positioning for optimal comfort and performance. The footstraps can be easily positioned with self-tapping screws.

    • Deep Carry Handle on Hull: A deep carry handle on the hull facilitates easy transportation of the board.


    • Energised Performance and Handling: The Rise V1 delivers an energized performance and handling experience. Riders will feel a direct and connected sensation with the foil, leading to efficient and effective pumping.

    • Stable Platform: The refined volume distribution provides a stable platform for confident riding in various conditions.

    • Easy Waterstarts and Quick Acceleration: The board's design facilitates easy waterstarts and quick acceleration onto the plane.

    • Excellent Recovery from Touchdowns: The progressive rockerline and bevelled rails enhance touchdown recovery and reduce the risk of nose dives.

    • Secure and Comfortable Grip: The high-quality EVA grip provides secure and comfortable footing, allowing riders to perform in bare feet or booties.

Target Riders:

The Ozone Rise V1 is an ideal choice for intermediate to advanced wingfoil riders seeking a high-performance board that delivers exceptional control, stability, and maneuverability. Its refined design and construction cater to riders who want to push their limits and explore the full potential of wingfoiling.