Who Are SabFoil?

Who Are SabFoil?

Who Are SabFoil?

SabFoil (formerly Moses Foils) strives to manufacture the best composite hydrofoil products on the market.

The Sabfoils hydrofoils are made in Italy, where they are produced in a facility not far away from the coastal city of Rimini, famous for a hectic night scene during summer. Due to the fact that at Sabfoil every single component is made in their own factory, including molds, their foil equipment features the highest standards in manufacturing quality and performance.

Sab's front wings are relatively close to the mast, which gives a direct action and also generate more lift. They are also compatible with most board brands.

Their carbon masts have a wooden core, which generates less noise and offers better performance than a foam core. On the mast plate, you can find multiple holes that allow riders to position it more further forward on the box than most other brands.

Their vision is to bring innovation and create a better day on the water.

The goal is to provide a suitable foil for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner for the first time this sport or a professional.

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