Staying Warm Kitesurfing In Winter

Staying Warm Kitesurfing In Winter

1. Check your equipment

A tight fitting wetsuit, with the right thickness will help keep you warm. An old wetsuit won't have the same thermal properties and will probably let cold water in through the loose neck, wrist and ankle seals. Keep your extremities covered up with boots, gloves, and a hood. You can also add an additional layer over your top with a wind jacket.


Keep your feet warm while getting changed to help you keep warmer for longer. Use a mat to stand on if you have to get changed outside. To keep the sand off your feet, try using a piece of artificial turf which will also insulate. 

3. Bring a warm shower

Fill a hot water bottle or some thermos flasks with warm water and keep them in the car. Plastic bottles in a supermarket insulation bag will also work. After your session you can pour water into your suit via the neck to warm up. You can even pour a bottle into your suit before your session to get your suit nice and warm.

4. Dress Warmly

Get changed in your warm car at the beach to stay warm, or even better, get into your wetsuit half way or fully at home before you leave. This way you will start your session nice and warm and won’t get cold so quickly.  Get yourself some seat protectors so you can stay in your warm suit on the way home and then jump into a nice warm shower to take off your suit. A ‘dryrobe’ can also help keep you warm and your car dry.

5. Hot drinks

Put a hot drink in a thermo flask which you can drink before, during and after your kite session. It's also a great way to make some friends with other chilly kiters. 

6. Protect the skin on your face

You should always protect your face with sun cream for kitesurfing, even in winter. Another tip to help keep you warm is to rub some vaseline on your face, a small bit on your cheeks, eyelids and nose will work wonders to keep the cold wind off your face.

7. Protect your Ears

Cold water and wind can give you a condition called suf ears. Get some ear plugs to protect yourself