Should I Buy A Second Hand Kite?

Should I Buy A Second Hand Kite?

As a kitesurfing beginner, should I buy a second-hand kite?

We often get asked should i buy a second hand kite for kitesurfing? Safety is the most important thing in the sport of kitesurfing. Here is what we think.

Kitesurfing is and remains an extreme sport, it is therefore important that your kite is safe to use and in good condition. A new kite meets the latest safety standards as well as the line being in perfect condition, so a new kite is always the best and safest option. In addition, the canopy of a new kite is completely fresh, which means that the kite deals with the wind more effectively, so that you can steer more directly and experience a better low-end power. This makes kitesurfing easier for you as a starting kitesurfer and therefore you will make faster progress. It is therefore recommended to start with new kitesurf gear. If you buy this in a set (kite, bar, board bindings) the cost doesn't even differ too much from a good second-hand purchase.

brand new kites in use

Of course you can also buy a second-hand kite, but there are a number of things you have to take into account. It is better not to buy a kite that is older than six years. Kitesurfing is a young sport, being around since only the turn of the century and every year new technologies are implemented in new kites, making them more efficient and safer. If you go back five years or so, kitesurfing was a different sport completely. The industry has made many improvements in safety systems and materials used. So keep this in mind!

It is also very important to check a used kite for any repairs or damage. A single repair, if performed by a professional repairer, should not be a problem. A heavily repaired kite can become unbalanced, making the kite unstable and unsafe. If you are looking for a used kite on the internet, you can see many cheap kites. Be careful of buying kites that are too cheap. These kites are often less suitable for beginners and can be dangerous due to very old safety systems, poor relaunch and outdated technologies.

Never buy a 'C-kite' shape kite as a beginner. C-Kites are kites that are almost only used by pro kite surfers, because they give you a very powerful and precise kite. The downside of a C kite is that a mistake is made quickly and this can lead to a dangerous situation.

If you are a beginner and need a completely new kitesurfing set including kite, bar, kite board and bindings, Northern Kites have made a number of brand specific starter sets at a great price.

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Is there a safety standard for kites

There is no safety standard for kites yet. There is, however, a safety standard for the safety system on the bar: the quick release system. The latest quick release systems will be provided with ISO 21853 from 2021. If your quick release system meets this ISO standard, you can be sure that your quick release will work under the most extreme conditions. So that you can go out on the water with peace of mind and enjoy this great sport.