Ocean Rodeo (Mustang Survival) Soul Drysuit 3.0 Review 2021

Ocean Rodeo (Mustang Survival) Soul Drysuit 3.0 Review 2021

The Soul drysuit is probably the best drysuit for extreme watersports. Ideal for Kitesurfing, Kite foiling, Wing foiling, SUP, SAILING and Kayaking.


One of the best features of this suit is how easy it is to get in and out. The zip location is not down the back of the arms and shoulders like most brands, it is located close around the back of the neck and chest, so reaching the zip is nice and easy to get in and out and is no longer a two person job. 

Being able to take the suit off in the cold, next to the car, and still being dry and warm is such a benefit over a wet suit. No longer will you be stood there trying to get changed into warm clothes in the cold :-)

The suit also offers a standby mode where you can unzip the suit and take off the neck seal, bringing it to the front. The suit jacket can then be zipped up keeping you safe from the elements while walking around without over heating.

The fabric is a saltwater resistant, waterproof, and breathable fabric designed specifically for marine environments. 500 denier overlays at the knees, seat, and crotch ensure durability. Latex wrist, ankle, and neck seals keep you dry, while the articulated knees and elbows create comfortable mobility.

Removable hood and suspenders allow for customization. Outer chest and waist pockets hold your essentials, and a TIZIP® MasterSeal relief zipper provides all-day comfort. 

Quick Tips

  • Make sure the zip is fully closed before entering the water
  • What you wear under the suit is what will keep you warm - A one piece thermal works best
  • The seals can easily be replaced
  • Pull the seals up your arms and legs to ensure a tight seal



  • The Soul is a versatile dry suit for watersports
  • VENTOR fabric is saltwater resistant, waterproof, and breathable
  • 500 denier overlays at knees, seat, and crotch are durably abrasion-resistant
  • Latex neck seal
  • Latex wrists and ankles create watertight seals
  • Wrist and lower leg “boot cuff” overlays protect seals and allow for easy adjustments
  • Standby and full dry suit modes create versatility
  • Two way captive over flap jacket zip stows neck seal in standby mode
  • Adjustable and removable suspenders customize fit
  • Articulated knees and elbows enhance mobility
  • Waterproof TIZIP® MasterSeal for easy donning/doffing and relief
  • Outer chest and waist pockets store essentials
  • Hood is removablem