LIP Sunglasses Review

LIP Sunglasses Review

The dangers of UV damage to the eyes are now well-known and, as kitesurfers, we’re more exposed to the dangers than most other people. I’ve had numerous pairs of water sports sunglasses over the years and have never been fully satisfied until I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair of LiP’s flagship Typhoon sunglasses.

In my opinion the LiP Typhoons are the best sunglasses for kitesurfing, or any other water-based sport for that matter.

If the Typhoons are out of your price range, then the lower cost Surge range includes many of the features of the Typhoons at a lower price.

Who are LiP? Firstly, the name – it refers to the top, breaking part of a wave – why not!

The company was formed in 2012 in Boracay, a wind sports mecca in the Philippines. The founders Li Chen and Dirk Michielsen, both fanatical kitesurfers/windsurfers whose day jobs were in the eyewear industry, were very aware of the risks of UV to the eyes. They were frustrated by the lack of quality sunglasses available to meet the needs of water sports enthusiasts. So, they set out to create the best quality sunglasses designed to meet the extreme needs of their fellow watermen and women.

Their focus from day one was to design sunglasses that offered the best quality in terms of UV protection, combined with the unique needs of the water sports community.

And that I believe is what makes the brand unique – they’re designed by people who know exactly what you and I need, because they do it too.

LiP sunglasses are now worn by numerous athletes, including kitesurfing pros Lewis Crathern and Sam Medysky.

LiP Typhoon – The Overview

The Typhoon is the flagship of the LiP water glasses range. The main features are as follows:

Frames –

  • The frames are constructed from Swiss TR90 nylon whose specific qualities make it virtually unbreakable. It’s very flexible and returns to its original shape.
  • Soft TPU padding on the inside of the frames at every point they meet the face. 
  • Patented “Vortex” anti-fogging vents at the bottom and top of the lenses – creates airflow as soon as you move to clear fogging.
  • Japanese stainless steel hinge screws to give complete anti-corrosion.
  • Colour choices including contrasting TPU lining material.

Lenses –

  • UV400 – 100% UV protection
  • Polycarbonate or Polyamide (on rose gold lenses) – guaranteed shatterproof and lightweight.
  • Manufactured by ZEISS – the best lenses in the world for clarity and precision.
  • De-centred 8-base curvature to give complete peripheral vision without distortion normally caused by wrap-around lenses.
  • ZEISS Ri-Pel/Tri-Pel coating on both surfaces – Oleophobic, hydrophobic and scratch resistant.
  • Range of base colours to suit different light conditions or preferences.
  • Easily replaceable with range of spare lenses available – to cater for different conditions/preferences.
  • RX prescription lenses available with a range of options including photochromic. RX range are made of high quality NXTTM material as ZEISS can’t cater for high magnification on 8 base curvature.

Retention System –

  • Removable clip-on adjustable leash with toggle adjuster to tighten round head.
  • Leash clips on to latex necklace to guarantee they won’t get lost. 

Size – Uni-sex one size.

Returns Policy – 30 day money-back guarantee as long as unused.

Guarantee – 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects of frames, lenses or retention system. (1 year on RX prescription lenses)

What’s in the Box –

  •  The shades
  • Clip-on safety-leash and silicone necklace
  • Microfibre bag/cloth
  • Instruction manual


Standard, with Zeiss Lenses - £195

NXT photochromic lenses cost less, RX prescription lenses cost more.