Core XC Wingfoiling Wing Review

Core XC Wingfoiling Wing Review

I have been riding the new CORE XC wing for 4 months now, and it's safe to say that it lives up to the brand's reputation for high-performing kites. The team at CORE utilised their skilled watermen, like Willow River Tonkin and Steven Akkersdijk, to develop a freeride wing that excels in all conditions. I personally tested the 3.5m, 4m, 5.5m and 6m XC wings

The CORE XC is an all-round freeride wing with a moderate aspect ratio that delivers plenty of power for freestyle while still being light enough for good drift during wave riding. One thing I found interesting about the wing is the twist in the wing tips. This provides a stable wing that's still easy to handle. The XC also follows the trend of hard handles that have a soft coating on them, making them very comfortable to use.

The wing comes with a good-sized bag with plenty of storage but it's important to note that a leash isn't supplied with the wing. However, this allows the rider the choice between CORE’s waist leash or wrist leash options.

Once on the water, the XC feels balanced and stable with no flutter in the trailing edge. It performs best when powered up, providing instant results and making it easy to get on foil. Even when underpowered, the stiff construction makes it possible to pump yourself up on foil. The XC also tacks smoothly and stays stable overhead, making it easy to complete tacks without being pulled off balance. In waves, the wing flags well and stays floating beside you until required, allowing you to focus on your foiling.

Overall, the CORE XC is an easy-to-use wing with a robust, high-quality construction that's perfect for all levels of riders in all disciplines. It complements CORE’s complete freeride package and provides a great balance of stability and agility.