Cape Town Kitesurfing Guide

Cape Town Kitesurfing Guide

Cape Town is a great destination for kitesurfing. The city has a number of locations with reliable wind and waves, including Muizenberg, Bloubergstrand, and Langebaan. The conditions in Cape Town can be challenging, with strong winds and unpredictable weather, but this makes it a popular destination for experienced kitesurfers. The summer months (December to February) offer the best conditions for kitesurfing, with stable winds and warm waters.

What is loadshedding?

Basically the government have not invested into their power stations for the past 10 year and are now having to be shut down for reactive maintenance. Power is turned off in different areas to a schedule each day.  You can download the eskom load shedding app to find out when the power will be out.


What is the wind like?

Cape Town wind can change day to day. Typically you would get 5 days of 30 + knots and a few days of low wind. The is always some wind somewhere if you want to find it.

There are several live wind monitors and webcams dotted around so you can check the wind


This is across the road to dolphin beach at the MAC sailing club



WIND2SPEED LIVE WIND (Works during load shedding)





Where to stay?

Khaya Kite and Hostel - Website #1 rated

Owned by my awesome friend Miri. This place is the place to go if you want to walk into a ready made friendly community of kitesurfers. Soon as you arrive you will have a group of friends who are always heading out together to kite, eating, hiking and partying. Miri also puts on Braai (BBQ) and pizza nights and the hostel which is great way of meeting new people. Wake up each day with a free yoga session in the garden :)

Tabu House - Website

There are two houses very close to each other. House 37, which the owners also live at, and house 53 which has more rooms and is more social. All the rooms are big with en suites. The kitchen and dining area is perfect for socialising and cooking together. The Bella Fiss kiteschool is also based here if you want to complete some lessons.

Kitesurf Village - Website

Owned by my friend Alex Falcon, this place is super homely and has a really nice tropical island garden vibe. Really nice place to live and very close to Dolphin Beach. He has 4 rooms inside and 4 cabins in the garden. 

Cape Town Kite Club - Website

Owned by my UK friend James Barabas. This place is fully off grid with solar, batteries, and borehole for water. There will be no issues for lack of water or power here. The house is modern and clean. They have a great pool and have weekly Braai nights at the house were you can invite a friend along :) This place is on the more expensive price range

Surf & Bike - Website

Super nice architectural house with awesome ensuite rooms and big kitchen and communal space. Generally attract slightly older crowd due to the cost per night, but great place to come if you want to have a quite and chill place to stay.

Mystic House - Website

Super social house right on the beach! More of a hotel vibe here with a younger crowd. Great place to meet a great bunch of people. Probably only stay here if you are on a budget and dont mind roughing it a little...

Local whatsapp groups

Kite Beach Community - JOIN