A Guide To Kitesurfing In Merseyside

Kitesurfing - What You Need To Know

Kitesurfing is an extreme water sport, in which you stand on a small surfboard and are then propelled across the water by a large kite. Summer holidays are the perfect time to take up this gripping sport and add an exciting activity to your family's holiday in the sun.

With Summer comes great weather, and that great weather often draws people towards a fun sport to do in the sun, especially those involving water, kitesurfing is no exception.

kitesurfinf lesson taking place in merseyside
A Guide To Kitesurfing In Merseyside

The hot summer days bring warmer waters and more consistent South West and Westerly winds perfect for anyone considering taking up kitesurfing.

Of all the options to take up kitesurfing Merseyside is one of the most popular, with amazing winds and many perfect beaches, it is probably the best area to learn this extreme sport. All you need is an enthusiasm to learn and a wetsuit (though renting a wetsuit is also available) making it an ideal way to spend a few hours thrill seeking in the sun.

When you are new to Kitesurfing all of the equipment you will need can be covered within the price of lessons, making it much more accessible for you and your family than people might believe. Those who are a little more invested can take a look at some of the best kitesurfing gear available here.

Why the Wirral is the Number One Area to Learn How To Kitesurf

One of the most popular areas in Merseyside, the Wirral is often renowned as the number one area to take up kitesurfing. The Wirral itself has a number of beaches such as Hoylake located on the West coast of the UK a short way outside of Liverpool, where unlike some beaches kitesurfing is actually encouraged. This makes Hoylake an amazing location for beginners to learn how to kitesurf, not to mention its ideal water conditions, especially at high tides (High tide brings this area to a comfortable chest deep (1.3m), with calm and flat water, making it the ultimate location for beginners and freestylers alike.

In Merseyside there are highly rated kitesurfing schools, such as Northern Kites, creating a safe and comfortable way for you and your family to create amazing memories on your holidays. Most schools in the area offer lessons ranging from private 1-to-1 lessons to group sessions, ensuring that you have the best experience no matter how you want to learn.

How Kitesurfing Lessons Work

Kitesurfing is a surprisingly accessible sport, with most places asking you to only bring a wetsuit beach necessities as well as offering a range of various types of lessons catered to your way of learning, skillset and availability, if you are in Merseyside we would definitely recommend giving it a go this summer.

Some of the common lesson types that are available include private tutoring, lessons as a pair, top up sessions and even group sessions. With this great variety of lessons available, picking up kitesurfing in Merseyside is made to look easy and with lessons tailored to you, you are sure to get fully hooked on this extreme sport.

Private lessons - these lessons are most beneficial for beginners or for people who wish to learn at a pace that suits them to get the most out of their time on the water or intermediate surfers looking to really improve their kitesurfing game.

Pair and Group Sessions - These lessons are great for those wanting a little more of a taster session before they decide whether or not the sport is for them, this allows them to split the cost and also see how other newcomers pick up the sport. Group sessions and two to one sessions are often longer sessions and can also be a great way to learn with family, friends or partners.

Top up sessions - this type of lesson is often extremely popular for those who are new to the area and would like support when kitesurfing in unfamiliar waters and is a great way to show you other people around your skill level and find a local Kitesurfing community.

This sport is admired for having a great community, with other surfers known to help one another and give tips working together to  improve and learn, it is truly a community like no other.

With the support being there to help guide you through all the skills required with confidence and security of being with a friend, these style of lessons are perfect for those coming to Merseyside as a group, to spend time together doing a new sport for a holiday. So no matter what you want from your holiday, there are a lot of activities in Merseyside that are available for you to experience and enjoy.

The Best Kitesurfing Spots in Wirral

The Wirral contains a couple of amazing spots that are perfect for learning this extreme sport. One of the reasons the Wirral is so popular for kite surfing is that each beach has its own unique experience, their varying wind zones make for a variety of different conditions, meaning no matter what you are looking for there is likely to be an option that is ideal for you. Whether you want a large sandy beach or a quieter beach with a bit more wind, the Wirral is the place for you.

Not to mention Wirral is a paradise for shoppers as it is filled to the brim with various shops, bakeries, stunning restaurants and more, so the fun doesn’t stop once you’re done with the beach!

New Brighton (Wallasey) Beach

This is probably the Wirral's most popular beach, located on the West of River Mersey. This lovely beach is one of the largest with a three quarter mile stretch of golden sands, ideal for topping up your tan and making it a popular holiday destination. So if you plan on traveling with people who are looking to learn how to kite surf or are planning a full family day out this is probably the beach for you.

An image of Wallasay Beach
Wallasay Beach

West Kirby Beach

West Kirby beach is still quite popular but is one of the Wirral's more quiet beaches, with its beachfront only reaching 300 meters long (relatively small). Though it may not be as popular as others, this beach is very accessible meaning though it may not be the goto beach for topping up your tan it is ideal for kitesurfing in peace. Although this beach isn’t as popular for holiday makers, both everyday beach goers and thrill seekers are able to enjoy the beach alike due to its rules around not allowing windsurfing, kitesurfing or other similar sports within 100m of the tide, ensuring the safety of the people enjoying the beach closer to shore. As mentioned this beach is very easy to access with free parking near the promenade as well as a paid parking option a little bit closer to the beach.

Hoylake Beachfront

Hoylake is the last popular location for kitesurfing lessons in Merseyside on our list, with its large beachfront and amazing wave conditions it is easy to see why so many people enjoy this beach for kitesurfing and other activities.

This beach features a 2km stretch of sandy beachfront, perfect for warm sunny days. The size of this beach also means that no matter your age there is always something to do, this beach is a great location to support your friends or family who are learning to kitesurf from the shore. Unique to this spot and one of the reasons this beach is so popular for beginner kite surfers and other extreme water sports is its flat, chest deep waters for miles.

Alongside the amazing waters this beach also receives ideal wind conditions for kitesurfing, so this is probably the number one location for anyone who is looking to get started in the world of kitesurfing.

Where To Learn How To Kitesurf

It is varying wind conditions and amazing beaches which are only short car journeys away from each other that makes Merseyside the absolute best location to go kitesurfing. Most of its beaches are easily accessible and are filled with other things for you or your family to do. Visiting Merseyside is probably one of the greatest decisions you could make this summer, especially if you are thinking about trying kitesurfing lessons.